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Virtual Care Clinic Welcomes You

Virtual Health Care

During this critical physician shortage in our area, we are offering a virtual care clinic to help alleviate with the long wait times in the SOGH emergency room.

We understand that this is not a solution to our physician shortage, but we are trying our best to assist our community in this crisis.

Appointment times and availability rely on Physicians scheduling time at the Virtual Care Clinic.

Virtual Care Clinic – policies & procedures:

  1. Oliver & Osoyoos Residents ONLY with valid BC Medical Number

  2. Unattached patients only (no family doctor)

  3. Yes – Prescriptions

  4. Yes – Results 

  5. Yes – Laboratory requisition requests

  6. Yes – Investigation requisitions (XR, CT, MRI, US, mammogram)

  7. Yes – Drivers Medicals Form & Exam - $225(after discussion with a Physician on line)

  8. Yes – Minor Medical Concerns: urine issues, ear pain, eye pain,    throat issues, skin rashes.

  9. Yes – Sparc Form (parking permit) - $45

10. NO - Insurance forms or work forms

     11. NO SHOW FEE - $85 – must be paid before next visit


Patient’s responsibility to book another Virtual Phone appointment to follow up on any results that are ordered by the “Virtual Care Clinic”.

Please make sure you finish registering on the portal after you make your appointment so that we can send you, your information package.

Please note that your appointment will be cancelled after registration review is done if you have a family doctor or your appointment is not something that the Virtual Care Clinic can provide.  You will be redirected to other medical resources.

SCROLL BELOW(down) for a FULL tutorial on how to make an appointment on the Virtual Care Platform - for other needs within the platform for messaging - see the "health portal -pomelo tab" for the tutorial on how to send a message and attach files.

Please DO NOT CALL Bridgeside Medical Clinic as this is a Virtual Care Clinic that requires your 100% ability to book on line and receive messages from the Virtual Care Clinic Physician on line.

Thank you for understanding and respecting the limitations of this Virtual Care Clinic.

Virtual Care Clinic: Welcome

Virtual Care Clinic Platform - tutorial

There are 6 steps to complete registration/booking an appointment process.

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Pomelo Platform - Step #1.jpg
Pomelo Platform - Step #2.jpg
Pomelo Platform - Step #3-page-001.jpg

Step #1 - click "search available appointment types" - phone appointment is all that is available.

Step #2 -  read information carefully and then pick an available time.  If there are no appointments - you will be directed no appointments at this time- you will have to check back later.

Step #3 - complete all 7 questions/fields and click complete to get to the next page.

Virtual Care Clinic: Services

Virtual Care Clinic Tutorial

Step # 4

Pomelo Platform - Step # 4-page-001.jpg

Step # 4 - 

Is the following information correct? Please review all the questions again - the the question 1 - Unanswered this is for the next page you need to put your medical concern in that area, - if yes click continue.

Step #5

Pomelo Platform Step #5-page-001.jpg

Step #5 - enter in the box - your MEDICAL CONCERN that you want the Physician to help with, confirm your email, click submit your request- now remember this is just a request and it will be reviewed by a medical team member and approved or declined.

Step # 6

Pomelo Platform - Step #6-page-001.jpg

Step # 6 -  This is your approval of your time and appointment request and a medical team member will review.


CLICK - button - "complete account registration" this needs to be done or your appointment will be declined. 

Make sure you update your address and phone number.

Virtual Care Clinic: Services

Virtual Care Clinic

For patients with NO family doctor and are residents of Oliver & Osoyoos with valid BC Medical.

Virtual Care Clinic Booking - Click Here

Having troubles with signing up?

Please contact technical support:

Contact Technical Support- CLICK HERE

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Virtual Care Clinic: About
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