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Pomelo Health Portal

Pomelo Patient Portal - Bridgeside Medical Clinic patients of: 

Dr. de Vries, Dr. Myslek, Dr. Smallwood & Dr. Sahin

ONLINE messaging & appointment:


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Please contact technical support if you have: 

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Technical difficulties

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How to BOOK an Appointment

To book an appointment, you will have to go to the appointment page in the Portal. From here you can book appointments for yourself, or if you are connected to family who are unable, book on behalf of them.

1. To book an appointment you must first click the Book New Appointment button on the main Appointments page or straight from the Dashboard/Homepage.

2. For an IN Office appointment request - you will need to send a message with the medical concern and then we will send you back a time.  See how to create a message.


How to CANCEL an Appointment

If you are trying to cancel an upcoming appointment you must go to the Appointment feature of the Portal and find your Upcoming Appointments. From there you can cancel any future appointments you may have. But keep in mind, some clinics may impose penalties if appointments are cancelled within a certain time frame. 

1.  Once you have opened the Appointments feature of the Portal you will see any Upcoming Appointments in the main body of the page. Beside this, will be a red Cancel Appointment button. To initiate the cancellation process, click on this button. 


How to COMPOSE Messages

 If your clinic has enabled direct messaging, you will be able to compose messages using the "Compose" feature. This can be found beside the drop-down menu in the Mailbox.

1. After you have chosen to compose a new message, you will have the options to:

  • Choose a recipient of your message

  • In addition, if given the option, you may send a message on behalf of a connected family member.

  • Name the subject of your correspondence

  • Detail the body of your message

2. After these fields have been filled out you will then be able to send your new message. To do this, press the blue "Send" button.

3. In some cases, you may need to attach a file to your message. If your clinic has enabled the ability to attach files, a button will appear beside the "Send" button, giving you the option to "Attach file...". 

4. After pressing "Attach file..." a field will appear for you to "Select a file...". When you press this button, your file directory will come up and you may then click and drag the file you want to attach to your message. 


Chart & Stethoscope

Connection to Family and Dependants

Please read this article in its entirety for clarity.

You can create Connections between profiles for family members and dependents who are not able to manage their own accounts, such as children and the elderly. When these connections are made, you will have the option to allow permissions for things like:

  • Managing Appointments (booking, cancelling, receive notification, review upcoming appointments)

  • Managing Messages to and from their clinic

The first step towards creating a connection to your profile is by finding the Connected Accounts tab in the My Account settings of the Portal.

Once you have opened up the Connections tab, you will be able to search the patient you are trying to connect profiles with. To search you will need to fill in 4 fields:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Personal Healthcard Number

Once all of these fields have been filled in, you are free to press Search. 

The caregiver who is searching for a patient also needs to share at least of one of the following with the patient as the information appears in the patient's EMR chart:

1. email address

2. home phone number

3. postal code

When you press Search, if all the information is correct, that person will be added as a connection to your account. 

For family connections with children under the age of 16, a registered patient/caregiver can be given consent automatically without further action.

For adults over the age of 16, both adults must be registered with unique email addresses, and one person makes a successful search for the other patient.  Adhering to privacy regulations, a person cannot be given consent just because they made a successful connection.  The other patient must grant consent by checking on the boxes "Can Manage Appointments" and "Can Communicate with the Clinic" check boxes.  


The process for this scenario is as follows:

  1. Patient A is invited to join the Portal and registers.

  2. Patient B is invited to join the Portal and registers.

  3. Patient A searches for the family member using the steps above.  Should patient A wish to GIVE consent to patient B to manage E-booking and Messaging, then patient A can do so at this time.

  4. Patient B now has an active connection with patient A. If patient B wishes to GIVE consent to patient A, then patient B can check on those boxes mentioned above.  See picture below.

If there is only one registered patient/caregiver A trying to connect to an adult dependent/patient B, then they would only be able to search for patient B and make the initial connection. However, patient/dependent B would be stuck because patient B is not registered to give consent. In this case, patient/caregiver A would need to contact the clinic, submit a consent form if necessary, and make a request for the clinic to intervene with the consent.


Husband and wife share the same email

The Portal can only associate one email to one profile.  To resolve, create a family connection the between the registered patient and the unregistered patient, and allow the registered patient to manage both accounts.

See How to Connect Patient Accounts

Update your Information

Editing your information can all be accessed from your main dashboard. On the top right hand of your Portal, there will be a drop-down menu beside your name. From here, you can access your account information or logout of the portal. 

Once you have accessed My Account, you will be able to choose from 7 different fields to be able to edit:

  • Profile

  • Address 

  • Connection

  • Email

  • Mobile/SMS

  • Password

  • 2-Factor Authentication 

Updating your Profile

1. To edit your profile information first click on the Profile tab.

2. Once you have opened the Profile tab, you can edit your name, birth date, preferred title and gender. You may then save your changes by pressing the Save changes button at the bottom of the tab. 

Updating your Address

1. You can find your address information in the Address tab. 

2. After you have opened the Address tab, you are free to edit any address information that needs to be modified.  Once your changes are made, you can save the information with the Save button.

Updating your Email 

1. In the case where you change email addresses, you also have the option in My Account to edit the email attached to your profile. To access this you must open the Email tab.

2. After you have opened the Email tab, you are able to enter your email. Press Save changes to complete your email modification.

Updating your Password

1. The option to update your email can also be found in the My Account tab. 

2. Once you have opened the Password tab, you can modify your password by first entering your current password. Afterwards enter a new password and reconfirm that updated password again.  After you have chosen a new password, press the Update button to finish. 


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