Common Questions

Will you call me with my results?

All patients are expected to come back to follow-up on test results. At the end of your visit, speak to your doctor about the appropriate time to come back. Please note that you may be able to arrange with the lab to have access to some of your IH lab results through MyHealthPortal or through My ehealth which is the private labs. If the results don’t make sense to you, please make an appointment and discuss the results with your doctor.

We receive hundreds of test results daily. For privacy reasons and logistical reasons we cannot provide test results over the phone nor inform you if test results have arrived.

Can I get my prescriptions over the phone?

We prescribe medications for the duration of time required before reassessment. If your prescription is running out then this is a reminder to call our office to make an appointment to reassess how you are doing, and what, if any, changes we need to make. We are sometimes able to decrease or even stop medications, and are happy to discuss this with you when we see you for a scheduled visit.

What can I do to make the most of my appointment?

As with any meeting, there are things that you can do as we work together to help you. Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment and be sure to update reception with any phone number or mailing address changes so we can ensure seamless communication. Click here for a full list of our recommendations to help you with your appointment concerns.



How do I get my forms filled out?

All forms requiring a Doctors signature or to be filled out by the Doctor need to have a phone call appointment booked. Please refer to our service rates (click here) so you can review what your form may cost and our payment options at time of completion. Once you have booked your appointment, our office will need a copy of the form BEFORE your appointment date. Please ensure ALL sections to be completed by the patient are filled out before handing off to us.

Your options of getting the form to us are:

  • Drop off at the office during our business hours

  • Fax 

  • Attach and send through the Health Myself Patient Portal *must be registered in order to do this*

How do I send a photo to the Doctor for my appt?

If you have booked an appointment with your Doctor to review a rash or other physical ailment, then the Doctor will require a photo to review the problem area. In order to send a photo to us, you will need to register for our Health Myself Patient Portal to attach and send photos to us. We will no longer be accepting emails through our hotmail account for this type of communication.

Why is it in my best interest to register for the Health Myself Portal?

Bridgeside Medical Clinic would like to offer our patients multiple resources to get in touch with us, book appointments, and send attachments such as forms or photos pertaining to your upcoming appointment, our office wants to streamline our ways of communication with our patients. Once you have taken the time to complete the registration for our Health Myself Patient Portal, it will allow you to:

  • Ask the Doctor non-urgent medical questions

  • Send us forms/photos pertaining to your upcoming appt

  • Book phone appointments online (this excludes in-office appointments)