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Virtual Care in the time of a Pandemic

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BC has had to adapt to new ways of delivering patient care while adhering to provincial COVID-19 protocols.  Most notable is the increase in virtual care.  Video conferencing or telephone appointments have been around for some time, however, because of the pandemic physicians and patients have had to rely on this technology more than ever before.  In addition, at Bridgeside Medical, we have invested in and implemented a virtual “health portal” for our patients. This portal allows patients to book appointments for themselves and allows us to receive non urgent messages, pictures and forms that are needed for our patients’ care.

Virtual care is a safe and convenient way for patients to visit their primary care provider.  From this 'virtual' appointment, your physician will determine if an in-person appointment is needed.  If it is, a time will be scheduled for you at the clinic. In some cases, and when appropriate, patients may be seen in their vehicles. 

"It is an unusual tactic, seeing patients in a parking lot," confirms Dr Hill.  "However, it allows us to see as many patients as possible, as safely as possible.  The reality is, due to new working regulations around cleaning and social distancing, we can't have the same number of patients in the clinic as we used to.”

The physicians at Bridgeside want to thank their patients for their commitment to keeping their community safe.  "We know that the provincial COVID-19 regulations can be inconvenient and really, quite different, to what many of us are used to.  But these rules are going to be in place for some time," Dr. Madia Smallwood.  "That is why we will continue to invest in the tools that will help our physicians better serve our patients". 

Bridgeside patients can now book their appointments online using our “health portal” by visiting our web page: or by calling the office 250-498-2232. An email address is required to use the portal. We encourage all patients to continue to make appointments with their local family doctors.  We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.

Your doctor knows your history, they know you best. 


Virtual Care

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